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My Projects

Film(s) that I have either directed/produced/written.

Award indie filmmaker based in the U.S.

Darkness Within

An experimental compilation where individuals suffering from mental illness manifest itself into visual metaphors. 

Awards: 5 wins, 1 nomination

The Waving Man

Three students learn that some people aren't meant to be seen, and some things aren't meant to be heard.

Directed by: Frances Rose | Written by: My Do

Peters Rd

After a car accident, a man tries to find his missing girlfriend who got taken away. This project is officially out on youtube. 

Awards: 10 wins, 3 nominations

peters rd w laurels.jpg

Peters Rd Trailer

Peters Rd FULL short film


VERSACE from Las Vegas Crystals wanted us to create an AD for them. A VERSACE ad directed by Brylle Gaviola. Music created by Davide Perico.

With You, I Found Me 

When Minh loses his fiancé, he reunites with a family he hasn't seen in years and a sister that's out of rehab.

Project is completed. PREMIERING in May. 

Directed by: Brylle Gaviola | Written by: My Do | Exec Producer: Frances Rose, Brylle Gaviola and My Do

Underground Lifestyle

Commercial for a brand called Underground Lifestyle, based in Las Vegas, NV.

13:11 -- complete, coming out at the end of 2023

Project is complete. An anthology series created by Angel Contreras. 13:11 is directed by me.

The Grimm's

Immediately after death, people enter an unknown place (purgatory) where they meet seven people (Grim Reapers) who decides their fate of either going to hell, heaven, or rebirth. TV series. 7 episodes, 1 hour each episode. Looking for a distributer to help fund this project. Currently in pre production. CASTING not available yet. Inspired by the "Death Parade" anime series.

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